Drakano Studios-Ikaria  



Few, characteristic attractions of the island are:


Drakano, which is the name of the ancient city that is considered the homeland of the ancient god, Dionysus and from where it gets the name of the "Drakano Studios". Drakano is located in the eastern part of the island, near to the airport. Nowadays, only the ruins of a tower from the ancient castle are remaining.


Ikaria is known for its hot springs, from ancient times. The miraculous hot water springs in several places near the southern coast, attracting thousands of visitors, mostly elderly, during the years. Therma is the world-renowned spas with excellent therapeutic properties in dermatological, gynecological and other health problems.


The Archaeological and Folklore Museum: the new archaeological museum is located in Agios Kirikos, housed in a beautiful renovated neoclassical building of 1925, very close to "Drakano Studios". The  museum displays the history of Ikaria through rich ancient findings, as vases, tools, coins, tombstones and other. The same building also houses the folklore museum, with plenty of findings of the every Icarian daylife of the inhabitants during the past centuries.


Remarkable monuments, sculptures of nature, stones into thousands of shapes, define the landscape of Ikaria. The Icarus Rock, which is located on the beach in Vaoni, near the village of Chrysostomos, where, according to Greek Mythology, is at this point where Icarus was fallen,during the first man flight

Finally, during your stay, it is given the opportunity to visit Patmos (religious center of global interest, where the Apocalypse cave can be visited), Fourni, the nearby group of small islands, with excellent seafood and beaches, Lipsi, Samos and other nearby islands.



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